Thursday, October 20, 2011

My brother's wedding

My youngest cute little brother got married on October 13th to such a beautiful girl, Amelia. We all love Amelia so much. She has been a great addition to our family just as they have been dating for the past FOUR years and it's nice to officially add her to the family! My kids are so excited to have a new aunt! But...about my brother...he is such an amazing kid. He has been through a lot in his life. At the age of 4 (actually the day before his 4th birthday) he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was such a hard thing to watch him go through. Tyson has always been so special to all of his siblings but after watching him go through Leukemia he holds an extra special place in all of our hearts.He has always been so loving, kind, compassionate, and genuine. He has been a great example to me in many ways. I'm so happy to see him find someone special and to see him so happy.
Tyson and Amelia at the wedding dinner the night before the marriage!Tyson and Amelia dancing to "their song"
Grandma Oliver and Oliver dancing. Grandma and Grandpa are great dancers. They used to dance in competitions when they were young. They were dancing so much with the grandkids and they loved it!

Grandpa Oliver dancing with the 2 oldest Granddaughters, Sabree and Aspen.
Grandma Oliver dancing with the 4 little girls. They were having a ball and they looked so cute in their matching dresses.
"Do we still have to behave during the reception?"...It looks like the night got a little long!
Me and my sister-in-law, Mandy. She came with Eli as well as my mother and father-in-law. I have such great in-laws that go out of their way to support me and my family. They are awesome!
Priceless... By the way, Luke is a great dancer! I love to watch him dance with our children!
Ever since Jaylee found out that Tyson and Amelia were getting married she was sure that she would get to hold flowers! She knows how weddings work and she's quite obsessed with them too. Anyway, I ran to the store before the wedding to make sure she had flowers to hold!
Mom, Tyson, Amelia and Dad.
The four little girls. It's really awesome cause until the 13th of October there were 4 of us kids that are married. We all had boys within a year of each other (Oliver's age) and then we had a round of girls within a year of each other on the next go around. So these are the 4 little girl cousins all of them are 3 and 4 years old.
Sabree and Aspen looked so gorgeous at the wedding and they had so much fun running around together!
Last but not least, this is one of my best friends in the whole world, Becky! She came all the way from Idaho to see me...or Tyson for his wedding! I just like to think it was to see me! Becky and I have been friends for at least 15 years! We used to get asked all the time if we were sisters so we would pretend we were! I like to think of her as my 3rd sister! Love you Beck!

So there you have it! My littlest brother is married and now I am feeling old! Only one more sibling to get married and she's beautiful! It won't be long before Jana is snatched up to one lucky guy!My 2 cute sisters, Jill and Jana. Yep, it's cute, we all have "J" names...Julie, Jill and Jana!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We went to the canyon today and walked among all of the colorful leaves. It was really beautiful! Here are some cute and some silly pictures of the kids.

Football Fun with Dad

One of our favorite parts about living in Logan is getting to be in a college town and enjoy all of the college activities and sports! Luke has taken Sabree and Oliver to a football game and Jaylee is next! Good times!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Canning, Candy, and Cute Kids

It's that time of year...lots of canning! I haven't done a lot this year but I made sure I did applesauce. Our families favorite!!! My friend Mary and I also did Raspberry/Peach jam...YUMMY!
These caramel apples turned out cute! I found the idea on another blog. My kids loved helping with them!
We love the fall at our house! The kids love decorating for Halloween (which doesn't consist of much...just the tablecloth and a few other small decorations). Anyway, they also love when it starts getting chilly in the fall because it means hot chocolate! Popcorn and hot chocolate is now their favorite after school snack.Goofy kids! They always make me laugh.

We have a new niece!

We went to the blessing of our newest little niece, Monica Lucia Adams. She goes by Lucy. She's so cute and tiny! We had a great time seeing the family! I love some of the pictures we captured too. I always love the pictures of my two favorite guys, especially when they are all dressed up and looking handsome!

I love this pictures with my little girls too.
Luke and his brother, Eli, the proud father of Lucy.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1st Annual Oliver Reunion!

At the beginning of September my family had our first family reunion at the Heber Valley Camp. It was so much fun! Here are some photos from the camp.

Luke and I. I'm the 3rd child in my family. The 1st girl!
My oldest brother, Che' and his wife Lisa. They planned the whole event and did an awesome job! The had reward beads to put on necklaces for the kids when they were good. It was really creative and made it really fun for the kids. I love that Lisa and Che can make everything so fun and spiritual! Great couple!
My youngest sister, Jana. She's the baby of the family! She's a Senior at BYU! She's awesome, single, smart and so cute!
My youngest brother Tyson and his fiance Amelia. Tyson is the 2nd to the youngest in my family. It was really fun to have Amelia there with us. We were able to initiate her into the family. We made her do a silly little dance at the campfire. She's a great sport!My sister, Jill and her family. Jill is just younger than me. We have so much in common now. I love that as you grow up your sister's become your best friends. It feels weird if I don't talk to Jill at least every other day!My brother Ryan is on the left. I took a picture of his family but it was blurry. Ryan is just 16 months older than me. He has 4 kids! He keeps life exciting as you will see later in this post!!!

Oliver and cousins Ret and Tyler
Each family did a skit. This is Luke's character. It turned out to be a pretty funny skit! Plus, the mustache suits him!
Almost everyone did the rope swing. It was so fun and so much higher than I expected. That's me above and Sabree below. She was so brave!
Here's Oliver and LukeSo...we all went conoeing! Seems harmless, right? We just finished the whole speech from the missionaries about safety and not falling in the lake. We got fitted for life jackets then started paddling. It didn't take long before Ryan's little 2 year old Jaxon dove into the lake. Both Ryan and his wife Brittani leaned over to grab him and the canoe tipped over. It didn't take long before panic set in because 2 of their kids were missing and stuck under the canoe. As you can guess, everything turned out fine. My brother Tyson dove in after them and all were rescued by the missionary boat! It made for an exciting canoeing trip!

Did I mention how brave Sabree was? This is my brother Che' with his boys and Sabree getting ready to do a zip line.